Training Standards at the Academy

Our overall objective is to establish a Sustainable Model of Education for imparting Technical Education and Vocational Training (TEVT) on renewable energy and other modern technologies to the youth and women of Pakistan via German model of a dual vocational education and training system.


Specific objectives:

  1. To transfer technical and vocational skills to the youth and women of Pakistan on internationally renowned quality of German initial and continuing vocational training by exporting “Training-Made in Germany” to Pakistan
  2. To open income generation opportunities for women and men in Pakistan through demand-driven training structure to reduce poverty; as people work their way out of hardship while jobs would empower women to improve their lifestyle and invest more in their children
  3. The project aims to raise awareness of sustainable development issues, climate change and energy conservation to effectively find solutions to these problems through renewable energy and other modern technologies by establishing RE-Park
  4. To link vocational training delivery with business edge training through academia-industry partnerships in order to bridge the prevalent skill gap between university graduates and business professionals


REPMC's prestigious national as well as international partnerships will collaborate in the implementation of the project. To complement dual system of education, the Academy would feature indoor engineering laboratories and an outdoor TESTFIELD, which will demonstrate various RE technologies for ultimate practical exposure. In addition, other sustainable methods of conserving energy would also be explored. The TESTFIELD would facilitate the students in quality learning while meeting the Academy energy needs independently.


The Academy would operate under ISO 9001 best practice management framework and assure quality education by benchmarking the Academy to international standards.   Moreover, the quality tools production unit, comprising of an intramural pool of system experts, will take the engineering and manufacturing industries of Pakistan to the next level. Besides, the student-teacher ratio would be maintained at 16:1 to imply closer contact and a better chance of productive outcomes while providing access to larger and better infrastructure and more resources per student..


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