REPMC has been established with the objective of bringing German technology, experts and services to multiple countries in order to lead them towards greater social and economic well-being. The company provides German products with the assurance of premium quality and deals in German solar panels as well as complete engineering systems, all designed and manufactured in Germany. REPMC’s policies align with the 2030 agenda set for sustainable development and all its projects and services are being designed in order to play a prolific part in attaining Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). The company not only contributes in terms of education and skills enhancement, but also in context of ending poverty, combating climate change and escalating women empowerment. Our customized turnkey solutions are all planned and executed in a manner that makes them environmental friendly, competitive and highly efficient for our prestigious clients. 


Our idea

Delivering top-notch industrial solutions and capacity building services to everyone while protecting the environment and reducing the effects of climate change



Evolving the world into a knowledge based and sustainable society



Promoting modern technology solutions among all communities and portraying socio-economic plus environmental dimensions of sustainable development

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