Training & Capacity Building Services

Professional development builds and improves one’s transferable skills as well as supports personal and professional growth. College and university programs cannot provide the extensive range of learning experiences necessary for graduates to become effective candidates in order to qualify for a job. REPMC can speed up the learning process of the professionals by offering interactive skill development workshops. It will facilitate them in standing out from the crowd as well as to retain their jobs in highly competitive markets. Currently, REPMC is offering the following workshops:


1. Special GROW Trainings for skill building of females

2. Professional Development | Workplace Essential Skills for Success

3. Work Ethics

The modules that are covered in this workshop include:

·         Module I: Employee Conduct

·         Module II: Professional DO’s and DON’Ts

·         Module III: Ethics & Work Environment

·         Module IV: Ethics in Operations

4. German Language (A1 Level) Course


All the trainings are acknowledged by the provision of German certifications for the participants.


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